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  • Make sure you have signed up to playfre, requested for your account to be upgraded and gotten a message from us telling you that your playfre account has been successfully upgraded.
  • To upload songs on playfre, make sure you have created the artist first; to create an artist, simply go to your Playfre for Artists dashboard (, navigate to the “Artists” tab and then click on “Add”. If you manage more than one artist, you will have to create each artist on playfre. After creating an artist, then you can begin uploading Albums or tracks for that artist. Creating an artist is a one-time thing; you don’t have to create an artist each time you need to upload a song by the same artist you have created before.   

    You can also find your “Playfre for Artists” dashboard from the web player ( as shown above.
  • To upload a song or an album, you will need to create an album in both cases.
  • To upload a single, create an album by clicking on the “Albums” tabs and then click on “Add”. Name the album the same name as the track you are uploading and then upload just that one track to the album.
  • To upload an album, create an album by clicking on the “Albums” tabs and then click on “Add”. Name the album anything you sole desire; it does not necessarily have to be the same title as any track you are uploading in it. Upload the individual songs to the album. 
  • Happy Uploading!


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